Yohen Tenmoku as created in the Southern Song dynasty which is also known as the space in the small bowl. White spots in the bowl make luster and show different colors in each angle. It also represents stars in the darkness. However, there are only three Bowls found as original Yohen Tenmoku and each of them is the national treasure of Japan. The way to appear spots was unknown until Dobuchi found his original technique. Before then, Thousands of researchers and potters tried to find their own way to create spots as same as the original. Dobuchi has tried over 3000 different ways by applying bot cutting-edge and classical techniques. And finally, he succeeded in reproducing Yohen Tenmoku two years after and won the highest prize and Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Award in 41th Kyoyaki, Kiyomizuyaki Exhibition.

Comment from Dobuchi

Initially, the perfection of Yohen Tenmoku was so low that only two bowls out of a hundred were successfully baked and rest of them were failed. Currently, the probability got improved from 2/100 to 2/80. I would like to aim higher completion of making Yogen Tenmoku and eventually make it closer to national treasure. Yohen Tenmoku show us different style of luster depending on time. It makes you feel like you are in the small planet when you hold Youhen Tenmoku, so I hope everyone reading this will come visit Yohen Tenmoku and my personal artvwork as well.

  • Diameter:16.5cm、Height:6.5cm